Best Cocktails With Cognac!

What is Cognac? Cognac is a type of Brandy, made specifically by distilling Wine in the areas or communes surrounding Cognac, a place in France.

So, essentially, Cognac is a distilled product of Wine.

How does Cognac fare in Cocktails, compared to other drinks?

Well, it has its own benefits and its own companions with whom it forms delicious cocktails.


The most popular Cognac cocktail is Sidecar. Very classic, and easy to make. 

Just mix Cognac with Orange liqueur and lemon juice. 

Cointreau is specifically recommended for Orange Liqueur.

Rim of the glass can be coated with Sugar.

Brandy Alexander with Ice Cream:

Either Brandy Alexander or Brandy Alexander with Ice cream is a good choice if you are looking for a creamy cocktail using Cognac.

This cocktail requires you to mix cognac with Creme de Cacao and some heavy cream and blend them together. For Ice cream, you need to replace Cream with Ice cream. For more steps and tips, check out Brandy Alexander With Ice Cream recipe.

Coffee Cobbler:

An easy recipe to make and a great one for Coffee lovers!

Mix Cognac, with Iced Coffee and simple syrup, and off you go!

A suitable cocktail for a picnic gathering or a fine evening watching birds chirp around at a nearby park!

For more coffee cocktails, visit here!


A very old drink, but not so popular nowadays. 

As the name suggests, the Creme de Menthe provides the sting to this two-ingredient Cocktail that also has Cognac.

French 75:

What happens when two Sisters meet?

Cognac meets Champagne in this totally French drink!

Add to them some Lemon juice and Simple syrup and your drink is ready!

Some people prefer Gin to Cognac, but both are equally good!

French Connection:

What is it with French, when it comes to Cognac? It’s obvious!

A two-ingredient recipe, you just have to mix Cognac with Amaretto in the ratio of 2:1 and the drink is ready.

Between the Sheets:

This is a twist from Sidecar, because here Rum joins hands with Cognac. 

When you add Rum, Cognac, Cointreau and Lemon juice, you get Between the Sheets, a truly sour drink that is well balanced by the Rum.

Cognac Margarita:

Well, Margarita can be made with almost anything nowadays.

When you mix Tequila and Cognac together along with Cointreau and Lime, you get Cognac Margarita.

This one is a tangy version of the Original Margarita.

Vieux Carre:

A typical French drink that uses Cognac, again! This one is similar to Manhattan, a little bitter and quite a mix it has!

Several ingredients go into making this one like Cognac, Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters and Benedictine.

Japanese Cocktail:

No, this one does not use Japanese Whiskey! Not even close to any Japanese cuisine!

The Cocktail uses Cognac, Orgeat Syrup and some bitters. This orgeat syrup is an important part of the cocktail and it is nothing but an almond syrup.